Thanks for your interest making //meet.bottish
Dec 7, 2017 starting 6pm in your city possible!
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Ok {{answer_62371973}} happy to share what is //meet.bottish all about:

We stream Dec 7, 2017 already for the 5th time our online conference. Over 50 speakers, 1600 participants from over 40 countries joined.
Now we start streaming this success story to your city.

All you need is
A suitable location (Internet, Wifi, screen to share the stream)
Minimal space for 20 participants
Best you have an existing community to reach out (e.g. meetup)

What we do
We provide the content. Streaming starts 6pm CET 
We organize the ticketing, onboarding and provide you communication material to share with your community.
We charge 30% of your ticket price (EUR 100 for free of charge events)
We pay you within 10 days after the conference
You get a personal landing page for your city

Great {{answer_62371973}}

Please tell us more about your community and in what city you want to organize the event?